CEIDC's mandate is to support balanced and steady economic growth through job creation and new investment.    CEIDC work to promote policies that foster growth while protecting the sense of community that makes Crockett a great place to live.

Below is a list of some of the various services offered by CEIDC to assist in achieving these goals:

  • Build to Suit - CEIDC may assist in or construct a building to meet the desired needs of your company.

  • Equipment Purchase and Relocation Expense - CEIDC may assist in the purchasing of new equipment or assist in the expense of relocating equipment from another facility.

  • Enterprise Zone Sales Tax Rebatement On Materials & Machinery & Equipment - CEIDC may assist in obtaining a refund on sales tax expenses spent on new building materials, machinery, equipment, electricity, and natural gas purchased.

  • Infrastructure to Facility - CEIDC may assist in or construct necessary infrastructure to your facility.

  • Employee Relocation Expense - CEIDC may assist in the expense of relocating existing employees to your new facility.

  • Employee Training Through Angelina College & Workforce Solutions - CEIDC works closely with these entities to offer job-training programs to your company.

  • Primary Job Creation Incentives - CEIDC can provide a grant for your company's new jobs created and held for one year, and will consider extending the grant for additional years. The value of this incentive is based on your company's new job creation.

  • Roll Back Fees on Reclassification of Property from Agriculture to Commercial - CEIDC may assist in covering the cost of any roll-back fees associated with changing the property tax status from Agriculture to Commercial.

  • Interest Buy-Down on a Loan You Acquire for Construction of Your Facility and New Equipment - CEIDC may assist in helping with an interest buy-down on your loan for the construction of a new facility or new equipment you may purchase.

  • City and County Tax Abatement On Building and Fixed Equipment Owned - CEIDC may assist in helping your company obtain tax abatement from city and county on your building and fixed equipment.

  • Provide Land for New Building in Industrial Park - The City of Crockett has a 94 acre Industrial Park, located on Loop 304, which contains necessary infrastructure for your new building.

Businesses that are considering an expansion or relocation should contact CEIDC to request detailed information and arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and how CEIDC can assist you.


(2000-2003) CITY & COUNTY TAX ABATEMENT - Crockett Vet. Clinic / Dan Lee Craven

(2002-2005) CITY & COUNTY TAX ABATEMENT - Quantex / Clifford Price

(2003-2005) CITY & COUNTY TAX ABATEMENT - GNAP / Holiday Inn Express



Houston County Airport Assistance - $5000

Angelina College Original Loan - $2,809,900.00  /  $2,600,000 @ 12,530 monthly

Amount as of 05/31/2018 / $2,593,039.19               Interest Rate: 4.25%

Serenity Incentives - $200,000 (TBC)

State School Properties Renovations/Equipent - $1,500,000 @ $15,190.00 monthly

Renegotiated terms 07/2016  / $603,635.94 @ $7,110.79



Alloy Polymers Incentives (State) - $200,000

Benton Tate Manufacture of Spices - $15,000

Crockett Vet Clinic (Extention of Sewer to clinic) - $40,000

DETCOG Econ Study of 12 County Area - $5,700

Doc's Smoked Meats - $145,000

Dotson Drive Repair for Zilkha - $53,290

Elastotech Incentives/Equipment/Electric - $208,755

Hydraulic Study Houston County Lake - $7,500

M & D Oilfield Lease & Sign for Building - $11,000

Ray Johnson (2000) Building Renovation (5 Jobs) - $150,000 

State School Properties Marketing, Utilities & Maintance) - $90,534

Trinity River Rustic Martin Cochran Lease & Equipment -  $51,577

Tommy Darsey Brick Fabrication Lease - $2,000